— Hawks on The Horizon —

The horizon is where the known and unknown meet. We are the Hawks on the Horizon exploring this unknown while pushing the boundaries of game development.


Hawks on the Horizon is a game development company that focuses on stimulating movement with the use of indoor location-tracking technology. Our team consists of 5 talented developers. With our first project, Battlespective, we will penetrate the entertainment industry and bring laser tag, airsoft, and paintball to the next level.

Our Services

Entertainment activity

Paintball - Lasershooting - Airsoft

Indoor & Outdoor

Precise location tracking

Down to the meter

Visible for the player

Gamemode simulation

TDM - CTF - FFA - More

Game & team communication

Score streaks

— BattleSpective —

Battlespective is a virtual layer on top of the physical play space of a laser tag, airsoft, or paintball game. With the use of new technology, we will create a mini-map of the battle arena and display the location of teammates, objectives, and everything else you need for an epic battle. This way, we make it possible to simulate any game mode and play games like Fortnite and Call of Duty physically in real life! Our game will provide the players with details such as ammunition, lives, score, objectives, player locations, etc. The game will also be able to introduce features such as a health system, fire modes (burst, tap, automatic), kill streaks like a UAV and lightning strike, gun variants and so much more.

By integrating an audio communication system, we want to improve team play and allow the players to launch coordinated attacks which will increase the intensity of the battle. We will start by using a 2D screen as you can see in our prototype trailer, but our intent is to work towards AR technology to improve the immersion for the players. Some of our broader goals with this project are to improve social contact, stimulate movement and welcome the birth of a new competitive world. Overall, we want to create a healthy alternative to video games while still having all the fun!

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